Street Scenes of Cartagena


Couples walking hand in hand, vibrant architecture, colonial style heritage buildings, old lampposts, and intricate balconies adorned in blooming flowers make Cartagena one of the most romantic cities I’ve ever visited. Despite the mind melting heat and high humidity, it didn't take long for me to realize that Cartagena is infinitely more interesting for the eye than classic romantic destinations like Paris or Florence. 

It was easy to fall in love with this city.

Surrounding the oldest part of town is Las Murallas, thick walls built hundreds of years ago to protect Cartagena against enemies. With construction beginning near the end of the 16th century after an attack by Francis Drake, the project took two centuries to complete due to repeated damage from storms and pirate attacks.

While the main sites of Cartagena are busy and bustling with tourists, the city truly unfolds as a hidden gem as soon as you meander off into the side streets. Churches, monasteries, palaces, and colorful buildings line the avenues, and expansive plazas filled with European style cafes seem to appear out of nowhere.

To best experience old Cartagena you need to set out on foot. Take your time and stroll around for a day, sip a coffee, and settle in for some people watching in one of the beautiful town squares.

These are some of my favorite street scenes from Cartagena.

Blooming balcony in Cartagena
Las Murallas
Blue door
Colonial building in Cartagena
Church door
Plaza Bolivar
Cartagena street
Horse drawn carriage
Cartagena street
Plaza de la Aduana
Seahorse Doorknocker
Local handicrafts 
Street art
Fruit stand
Old Cartagena
Street vendors and fruit
Cartagena street
Street art
Plaza de la Paz
Plaza de la Aduana
Old town
Lizard doorknocker
Stray cat
Romantic Cartagena

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