The Tuna Capital of the World: Manta, Ecuador

The next stop on my parents Holland America cruise was Manta, Ecuador! Manta is also known as “The Tuna Capital of the World” due to its main industry: fishing. Ecuador is one of the main suppliers of tuna to the world!

Tuna Fish Statue Manta Ecuador

Do you love tuna? Pay your respects to the giant tuna fish statue in Manta.

Manta Ecuador Fishermen Tuna Fish

Nice catch!

Port of Manta Ecuador

Manta is the fifth most populous city in Ecuador and has the largest seaport in the country. In 1736, Manta's port was where French explorer and geographer Charles Marie de La Condamine disembarked to lead the French mission seeking to measure the location of the equator. Prior to this, the port also served as the main trading post for the indigenous tribes Mantas and Incas.

Manta Ecuador Beach
Manta Ecuador Beach
Manta Ecuador Beach Umbrellas

The most popular beach Manta has to offer is called El Murciélago (translation: Bat Beach). Surfers often travel from other cities to the beaches around Manta because of the powerful waves in the area. Kite surfing, scuba diving, para-sailing and water skiing are also popular sports.

Manta Ecuador Children Playing
Manta Ecuador
Manta Ecuador Flower
Manta Ecuador Power Lines Electricity

Yikes! A mess of power lines.

Manta Ecuador
Manta Ecuador Shop Colorful

I love the colorful buildings found throughout South American countries. It conveys such a sense of happiness and joy! I wish we had more of an acceptance of color throughout North America instead of the usual grey buildings.