The Village of Santa Rosa de Lima

 Bicyclist in Santa Rosa de Lima, Mexico

Some guidebooks might tell you the best day trips from Guanajuato are to Leon or San Miguel de Allende. While these cities are undoubtedly worthwhile, some of the lesser known towns and villages along the way are what I consider real highlights. Exploring them, however briefly, is a useful way to get off the heavily trodden tourist trail - if that’s what you happen to be into.

One of these treasured little villages is Santa Rosa de Lima. Located only a 20-minute drive outside of historic Guanajuato City, Santa Rosa is situated directly on the winding mountainous #110 highway heading to Dolores Hidalgo.

Without the infrastructure or population size or historic attractions of larger and more popular cities, Santa Rosa retains a quiet atmosphere. There is a beautiful cathedral, a few independent tiendas selling basic groceries, a tortilleria, and plenty of brightly colored houses. While it’s not entirely unknown to tourists – bus tours on the way to San Miguel de Allende regularly stop for 15 minutes to let their guests shop in one particular store which sells locally produced marmalade – Santa Rosa feels largely sheltered from tourism. I found the locals to be politely shy, giving a brief smile and an inquisitive look when passing you on the street before continuing on about their business.

While there might not be many must-sees or bucket list items here, I still loved Santa Rosa and feel it’s worth a visit. To give you an idea of the village, here are some of my favorite photos plus at the end of this article you’ll find helpful info on how to get there.

 Santa Rosa de Lima, Mexico
 Colorful buildings in Santa Rosa de Lima, Mexico
 Santa Rosa de Lima, Mexico
 Dogs in Santa Rosa de Lima, Mexico
 Church in Santa Rosa de Lima, Mexico
 Santa Rosa de Lima, Mexico
 Santa Rosa de Lima, Mexico

How to get to Santa Rosa de Lima

Santa Rosa de Lima is located in the mountain range separating Guanajuato City from Dolores Hidalgo. You can reach the village by car by driving the #110 highway from either city. If you depart from Dolores Hidalgo, you'll reach the village in about 45 minutes. From Guanajuato, it's approximately 20 minutes and you'll find plenty of local providers that offer affordable bus trips which include a short stop in Santa Rosa among other places.


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Need more? On my last trip to Mexico, I was grateful to have brought along Lonely Planet's Mexico guidebook. Despite not including Santa Rosa de Lima, I found the book to be incredibly useful and referred to it on a daily basis for sightseeing and travel information. 

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 While some guidebooks might tell you otherwise, I found the short drive to the little village of Santa Rosa de Lima to be a worthwhile day trip from Guanajuato. In this article, you’ll find some of my favorite photographs plus other useful info about Santa Rosa de Lima.